Low cell count, top title

2 October 1998

Low cell count, top title

MAINTAINING a geometric cell count below 100,000/ml and Bactoscan of less than 30,000/ml for two years running secured Kent milk producer Lyndon Hope the Axient Mastitis Manager of the Year title.

Mr Hope of Hazeldene Farm, Egerton, Ashford, won the award, presented for the third year, because his excellent management of the 94-strong herd impressed judges. His mastitis and hygiene consultant, Debbie Gilks, said that in August 1994 cell counts averaged 230,000/ml, but now average 50,000-70,000/ml, securing milk price premiums.

Cows are dry wiped before milking, dipped with disinfectant after milking, dried off abruptly with long acting dry cow tubes and Mr Hope wears gloves for milking.

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