M&S moves to GM-free eggs

8 November 1999

M&S moves to GM-free eggs

MARKS & Spencer has announced that all the eggs it now sells are from birds which have not been reared on genetically modified (GM) foods.

It claims to be the first retailer to convert its fresh egg production to non-GM fed birds. This joins an M&S range of non-GM fed products which includes poultry and pork.

The company is also to offer free-range turkeys reared on a non-GM diet.

M&S says it has responded to customers demand for food from livestock reared on non-GM diets.

Meanwhile, the governments new National Food Survey. shows the consumption of eggs has dropped by a massive 35% since 1988.

It is thought this may partly be a result of the salmonella scare some years ago, but is also be an indication that people now do less baking at home.

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