MAFF acts on disinfectant shortage

1 March 2001

MAFF acts on disinfectant shortage

By FWi staff

THE Ministry of Agriculture has approved another 35 disinfectants after producers warned that many parts of Britain had run out of supplies.

MAFF pushed through emergency legislation last night to bring the list of approved disinfectants to over 150 products.

Earlier in the week, desperate farmers in Shropshire asked the US embassy if it would fly in supplies from a US stockpile.

Steve Tyler, agricultural salesman for DiverseyLever, said the company had struggled with demand but more would be available by the end of the week.

Production of its IodelFD had been upped, with nightly deliveries to the south west of England and Wales, he said.

Since the start of the week, the company had sent out in the region of 500 cases of disinfectant to Devon and Cornwall alone, he added.

Antec International (01787) 377305 said it too was upping production. It expects to produce 54 million litres of its Vikron S over the next seven days.

A spokesman said disinfectant was being distributed as fast as it was reaching its depots. Farmers can check their nearest stockist at the Antec website.

Industrial Hygiene Direct (0113 3895100) said it was selling MAFF-approved citric acid BP at a cost of 25 for a 5-litre drum of powder.

Once diluted, a spokesman who promised next-day delivery claimed, the cost worked out at less than 1ppl.

The full list products approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and details of dilution rates can be found by visiting the MAFF website.

However, Ministry officials are stressing that dilution rates only relate to effectiveness when applied to a clean surface.

They are advising farmers to thoroughly wash or spray with an approved product and ensure that dung and litter is removed.

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