MAFF seeks comments on feed supplement plans

By Farmers Weekly staff

ALL livestock producers are being urged to respond to a government consultation which affects all vitamin and mineral feed supplements.

The consultation is based on one aspect of the Draft Feeding Stuffs Regulations 2000 which would prohibit use of additives not incorporated in a feeding stuff.

Possible products affected include mineral blocks, slow release boluses, minerals which are dissolved in drinking water, top dressed vitamins and minerals and liquid supplements.

Osmonds animal nutritionists and vet suppliers development manager Heather Wilson is concerned.

“It is an unbelievable proposal which could cost the feed supplements and agricultural industry millions,” she says.

NFU feed advisor Stuart Thomson agrees that it is a potentially serious problem.

“But it is just a consultation at the moment, which allows the industry to give its views.

“We do, however, need producers to respond to it, and to let us know if they think it will be burdensome.

“Then we can pass their comments on to MAFF as it is responsible for drawing up legislation.”

Mr Thomson says producers can contact their local or regional NFU office to obtain further information and to respond.

“But we need any comments as soon as possible, as the deadline for responses is 10 February.”

He believes it is unlikely that MAFF will implement the proposals contained in the consultation document, but adds that it is crucial that responses are strong as MAFF will be implementing any legislation brought about as a result.

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