Make kids aware of farming perils

2 August 2002

Make kids aware of farming perils

THE school holidays are here and children want to have fun. However, farms are dangerous places and every farm parent must make their children aware of this and ensure that youngsters coming to play know it too.

Primary school children in Powys should be better equipped to stay safe on the farm during the holidays following talks given by Powys Farm Accident Research Project,

Project workers have spoken to over 3000 children in 40 schools who were taught about the dangers they might come across while living on or visiting farms.

&#42 Tackle dangers

The biggest cause of accidents to youngsters is falling from or being run over by machinery. Other dangers discussed were injuries caused by animals and areas they should not approach, such as slurry pits, sheep dips and chemical stores.

Senior project worker Deirdre Beavan stressed that the childrens interest in what is going on around the farm was never discouraged. "However, children on farms need to know they are amidst one of the most dangerous industries in the UK. We are helping them to recognise potential hazards and to avoid putting themselves into danger. But ultimately safety is the responsibility of adults.

In the last five years, 20 children have been killed on farms and over 50 children are seriously injured on farms each year.

"When it comes to a childs safety you might not get a second chance," says Mrs Beavan. "I would appealto everyone living or working on farms to ensure they are safe places this summer."

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