Mascot still tops UK table

21 February 1997

Mascot still tops UK table

For the first time bull proofs from 19 countries have been released at the same time. On this and the next page Sue Rider details highlights from the UK and abroad

UK Holstein Friesian bull proofs published this week by the Animal Data Centre include five UK- bred and proven sires in the top 10 but US sire Mascot keeps pole position (table 1).

Close behind are US sires Southwind, at number two, and Kashome Bell Jurist, third who hold their July rankings. The top four bulls from Genus MOET nucleus herd, Bays Leap, North-umberland, all have ITEM scores over 100. Still fourth and top UK-bred sire is Cleitus son MOET Elsas Crewman. The bull is not marketed in the UK because he is a difficult calving sire.

Moving into fifth position from further down the top 50 is the South-wind son MOET Flirt Dilemma, a full brother to MOET Southwind Flirt C, who was top cow on index in July. Dilemma pushes Blackstar son Genus Longview to sixth place. The next MOET bulls are the Cleitus son Elsas Contest, full brother to Crewman, and behind him another Southwind son Lills Diagram. Both push Ugela Bell into eighth and Cleitus out of the top 10 to 19th.

Sunny Boy moves up to 11th with a PIN of £102 and £97 ITEM.

The ADC has also released converted proofs for the top 50 Holstein Friesian bulls with a minimum reliability of 65% available in the UK (table 2). Converted proofs will be used officially in the UK not Interbull evaluations, which are currently only available for the coloured breeds in the UK. Mascot is the top bull available in the UK, followed by French sires, Fatal and Gibbon, both with ITEMs of 129. Dutch sire Etazon Labelle is fourth with 125 ITEM.

lHighest genetic index herd in the UK according to the Animal Data Centres herd genetic report is the Genus MOET nucleus herd with £81 PIN and ITEM. Second is Spiby Partners Olympian herd with £74 PIN and £75 ITEM, and third Chadwick and Sons with £70 PIN and £69 ITEM. &#42

Table 1: Top 10 Holstein Friesian bulls with UK proofs ranked on ITEM index (Jan 97)



Mascot971,29033-0.29 40-0.04141141


Bell Jurist9794336-0.0528-0.04106106

MOET Elsas Crewman841,05531-0.1927-0.1196103

MOET Flirt Dilemma8578728-0.07280.03105102

Genus Longview8573527-0.05260.0397101

MOET Elsas Contest851,00325-0.2528-0.0896101

MOET Lills Diagram8492732-0.1029-0.02108100

Ugela Bell9980823-0.17270.0197100

Valiant Rockie9995622-0.2828-0.059898

Table 2: Top 10 Holstein Friesian bulls available in the UK ranked on PIN (Jan 97)*

BullSupplierRelMilkFatFatProteinProteinPINITEM Semen


Singing Brook

N-B MascotGenus971,29033-0.2940-0.0414114135



Etazon LabelleGenus781,12741-0.0634-0.0212812525

Cubby CheckmateABS Progen651,16431-0.1934-0.0212212335

Eastland CashSupersires8195638-0.02320.02122121-

Etazon CelsiusGenus781,10031-0.1934-0.0212112033

Zandenburger RoyalGenus80704400.18280.0811711928

String MiltonSupersires821,08638-0.0832-0.03120114-

CleiberTopline Sires8190632-0.10300.0111311325

*All foreign proofs converted to UK PTA95 equivalents using latest Interbull conversion.

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