Match output to quota

24 April 1998

Match output to quota

A NEW management programme has been launched by NMR to enable farmers to match output more precisely with quota.

QuotaMaster uses individual cow production records to predict milk yield. It uses either monthly data on disk (for NMR or SLS customers, and later this year for those using the Northern Ireland milk recording service), or manual inputs, usually as the calving pattern and cull programme for the whole herd.

Once new data is added, either daily, weekly or monthly, the program automatically updates its forecast for cows and the herd, giving an instant picture of quota versus predicted and actual milk yield.

A "what if" facility enables users to review the effects of different management decisions on milk production, like increasing quota, changing the calving pattern or altering cow numbers. It generates predictions for the following two years.

Quotamaster runs under Windows 95 or 3.11, and costs £49.99. &#42

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