MBM mountain answer?

23 May 1997

MBM mountain answer?

MOVES to cut the huge backlog of meat and bonemeal from sites around the UK could take a step forward with the launch of a specially adapted rotary incinerator by an Anglo-Italian company.

Leeds-based Servoflame-Ciroldi claims its rotary incinerators, which retail at £2.2m and can burn up to 2t/hour, will help reduce the 199,000t MBM mountain.

Arthur Dobbin, company spokesman, said talks were being held with a number of renderers including Prosper de Mulder and midlands-based Gilbarts and Bakers.

He said at least one company, Incineration South West, had put in a tender to the Intervention Board to incinerate MBM.

At present, only the Re-Chem incinerator near Havant, Hants, is burning MBM. &#42

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