McDonalds return should boost beef prices

30 June 1997

McDonalds return should boost beef prices

McDonalds return to the British beef market should help improve prices which
are at their lowest level for 17 years. But there are concerns among farming
interests that McDonalds will only purchase from 11 selected producer groups
which meet its specifications rather than buying from the stockpile of frozen
forequarters. Ian Smethurst, managing director of Midland Mart, said this could
cause a two-tier market.

Now Burger King is considering following McDonalds return to British beef.
Others in the catering sector, including schools and hospitals, could also be
influenced by the move.

McDonalds will explain to farmers and consumers why it lifted its ban on
British beef at the Royal Show, in Warwickshire, today. It will be the first
time the burger firm has attended the show.

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