MDC to launch milk campaign

12 April 2002

MDC to launch milk campaign

By Andrew Shirley

A NEW grant scheme to promote milk consumption has been launched by the Milk Development Council following last years withdrawal of the Dairy Industry Federation from the White Stuff advertising campaign.

Although the exact amount of funding available for this latest venture is not known, a spokeswoman for the MDC said it could be "in the region of £1m".

Individual dairy companies will be invited to submit suggestions for possible promotions aimed at increasing returns to the milk supply chain. But, under EU regulations, any grants from the MDC will have to be match-funded by the companies concerned.

The spokeswoman was not able to predict how much support the scheme was likely to garner, but reckoned some processors would definitely be interested. "There was a lot of disappointment when the White Stuff campaign came to an end and a few companies are keen to keep the idea going."

Robin Robb, commercial director at Express Dairies, said the proposal was a very positive step and an idea which the firm would consider. He reckoned it might be of more benefit to individual firms than the original White Stuff campaign because it could allow more local promotional activities.

Milk Group projects manager Richard Sheard also welcomed the plan. "It looks a good idea and if the right opportunity presented itself we may want to get involved."

Any promotions for liquid milk will still use the White Stuff image, added the MDC spokeswoman. According to MDC figures, sales of milk were boosted by 60m litres in 18 months. &#42

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