MDCinvests in communication

19 June 1998

MDCinvests in communication

THE Milk Development Council is to run a £160,000 technology transfer programme this year, which aims to get its research out to producers in a series of farm walks, meetings and conferences.

The programme of events will cover the whole of the UK, with ADAS, Axient, SAC and DRC each receiving £40,000 to run their events, which will present results from 32 MDC-funded research programmes.

This will include research on growing and feeding alternative forages, cow welfare, calving management and fertility.

Speaking at the programme launch, the councils R&D manager Kevin Bellamy said although there is no proven format for getting research out to producers, the MDC sees the new programme as a way of finding the most effective method of transferring research.

At the end of each event, producers will be asked for their opinions on the usefulness of the event and whether the research will be used on farm.

The MDC hopes to attract a total of at least 4000 producers to the events, with producer attendance being costed at £40/head/event.

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