Measure soil moisture

21 April 2000

Measure soil moisture

how much water to apply to a crop when irrigating is a detail many growers would like to know.

One solution to the problem could be to use the Soil Moisture Datalogger now being marketed by Kent-based Field. Supplied as a kit, two sensors are placed in the ground – one at 20cm and the other at 40cm – with their leads connected to a datalogger unit. Up to 960 readings of relative soil moisture can be made at intervals down to one a minute, if required.

The datalogger is then down loaded onto the office computer.

"The aim is to allow growers to achieve a relatively constant soil moisture content," says Fields Andrew Hubble. "The system will also provide a record of how an irrigation scheme performs."

Powered by a 9V battery the Soil Moisture Datalogger costs £499. &#42

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