Mensa awards dunces capto farm minister Brown

18 August 1998

Mensa awards dunce’s cap
to farm minister Brown

By FWi staff

FARM minister Nick Brown is one of the least intellectual members of the Cabinet, claims a new report which lifts the lid on the brains behind the Labour Government.

A panel of judges selected by Mensa Magazine, the monthly journal of Britains high IQ club, gave Mr Brown four out of a possible ten marks for his intellectual ability. And they gave Mr Brown just two out of ten for political ability.

“It might not go down well with the farming community, but hes perceived to be a bit wet and quite frankly not known for his intellectual ideas,” said Mensa Magazine editor, Simon Clark.

Many people in Westminster see Mr Browns promotion to MAFF as a sideways move aimed at distancing him from his friend and ally, Chancellor Gordon Brown.

“Hes very much a Gordon Brown stooge,” said Mr Clark. “Nick Brown himself doesnt really stand for anything – he just basically follows the Gordon Brown line. Thats why he didnt get many marks for political ability.”

But Mr Clark added: “None of these people are thickies – otherwise they wouldnt be in the cabinet.”

nick brown

Nick Brown: No intellectual giant, says Mensa

The judges gave top marks to Trade and Industry Secretary Peter Mandelson. Mr Mandelson scored eight out of ten for intellect and a maximum ten for political ability.

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