Merger with identity

29 March 2002

Merger with identity

A NEW identity has been revealed for the result of the proposed merger between Midlands-based milk companies The Milk Group and Zenith Milk.

The new organisation, which will have around 4200 members and an output of over 2bn litres, will be known as Dairy Farmers of Britain if the merger is approved at a series of members meetings due to be held in late May.

According to David Stern, Milk Groups current chairman and chairman designate of the new enterprise, the name was an obvious choice. "It signifies the most important aspect of our proposal – that we will be wholly owned and controlled by dairy farmers."

The merger is expected to be in place by July. Louise Burrows, communications manager at Zenith, reckons the groups members are likely to be supportive.

"We have just finished a series of meetings which around half of our members attended and a show of hands at the end of each showed 95-98% in favour." &#42

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