MFsfirst machine since maker deal

8 December 2000

MFsfirst machine since maker deal

THE first tractor to be available from Massey Ferguson under the Same Deutz Fahr/Agco manufacturing agreement has arrived.

The 80hp Perkins powered 3340F is available with a number of transmission options, including a 45 x 45 box with manual or power shuttle, but the precise UK specification has yet to be decided.

MF plans to introduce a range of this tractor type in Vineyard, Fruit and Special builds. The Vineyard available from 54hp to 80hp and the Special and Fruit from 54hp to 93hp.

The company says that while the UK market for such tractors is limited interest in their use has been received from the amenity sector.

Agcos agreement for SDF to build MF vineyard and fruit tractors in Spain results in the UK launch of this 3340F version.

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