Mid-power market gets new series of tractors

5 October 2001

Mid-power market gets new series of tractors

Versatile is how Massey

Ferguson describes its new

4300 Series tractors which

have now become the

companys contribution to

the mid-power market.

Andy Collings reports

ENTER the MF 4300 series tractors – eight new tractors offering power outputs rated from 53 to 116hp. And out, for the EU at least, goes the existing 4200 Series – its engine unable to conform to the latest EU emission requirements.

But Massey Ferguson is keen to point out that the launch of the new tractor is not just about the use of emission-compliant engines.

Other features include an element of new styling, an ergonomically designed cab interior, side mounted exhaust and a host of options to tailor the tractors to individual requirements.


Power is supplied from Perkins blocks – the companys 900 and 1000 Series engines. The 53hp 4315 and 64hp 4320 models have the 2.7-litre, 3-cyl 900 Series, with the remaining six models making use of the 4-cyl and 6-cyl 1000 Series engines. The 116hp 4370 flagship model employs a turbocharged 6-cyl block.

Massey Ferguson says all the engines have high torque characteristics with an additional power reserve which could be useful when operating power sapping pto-driven machinery.

Transmission options, as on most modern tractors, are extensive. Depending on the degree of sophistication required, top choice for 4-cyl and 6-cyl models would be the 24/24 or 12/12 Power Shuttle box which has clutchless direction change plus MFs Comfort Control system to enable operators to select how quickly or slowly directional changes are made.

For those with lesser transmission requirements there is a choice of an 18/6 manual Speedshift box without shuttle, a 12/12 with manual shuttle, a 12/4 and even an 8/8 with manual shuttle. Speedshift allows clutchless changing between two gears using a button.

New for the 4300 Series tractor are its two creeper gearbox options: Supercreep allows speeds as low as 0.2kph, while the second option offers speeds down to 0.37kph. The latter option is available only for the 12/12 box.

Cab comforts

There are four cab choices: Standard, Visiroof (roof window), Flatroof and Versa (reversible seat). Within these builds there are Lo Profile, Standard and HiVis options – the latter used with the tractors sloping bonnet for extra front visibility.

Within the cab comfort comes in the form of Deluxe or Super Deluxe seating – a configuration of air suspension, backrest extensions and something Massey Ferguson describes as "activated charcoal climate control fabric".

A new design of console is positioned on the right of the cab and includes, says the manufacturer, everything required to control the tractor, including switches for the front and rear pto, diff-lock, four-wheel-drive activation, auto-hitch lift/lower and hand throttle.

Also included in the console is a short gearshift lever complete with counterbalance to help, it is claimed, achieve smooth, effortless changing. As well as being used to select individual gears, this lever can also be used to change ranges.

Available power

Massey Ferguson has not, it appears, compromised on hydraulic power availability. Three pumps are employed – one to the steering, diff-lock and 4WD control, a second for auxiliary services and a third to provide power for the rear linkage. Rear linkage capacity is rated at 1.8t or 2.5t depending on model.

Power to operate a front-end loader can be enhanced by isolating the rear linkage and combining the power outputs of the second and third pumps. &#42

Flagship 4370, the most powerful tractor in the new MF 4300 Series, takes on the ploughing.

A new-look cab interior for theMF 4300 tractors. Note theshort gear shift lever.

MF 4300 Series tractors

Model hp

4315 53

4320 64

4325 67

4335 78

4345 90

4355 100

4360 106

4370 116

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