Mighty unit handles biggest bales

7 June 2002

Mighty unit handles biggest bales

THE2020A wrapper from Tanco Autowrap will handle round bales and the biggest square silage bales weighing up to 1300kg.

With its own pto-powered hydraulics system, self-loading arm and orbital film dispensing arms, the Tanco 2020A is itself a heavyweight among wrappers, tipping the scales at over 4.5t and measuring 7.2m (24ft) in length.

But this mass enables it to wrap bales 1.2m wide and up to 1.8m long bales weighing up to 1300kg.

With little modification, it can also handle pairs of smaller square bales, as well as round bales up to 1.5m (5ft) diameter.

Hydraulic adjustment for the drawbar and telescopic type loading arm helps align the machine with bales, which are turned through 90í before being lifted on to the fixed turntable. &#42

Here, two sets of rollers, with a single full-width rubber belt suspended between them, rotate the bale as 750mm wide stretch film is dispensed from the orbiting arms.

On completion, the wrapped bale is tipped on to a roller ramp, which lowers to the ground under hydraulic control for gentle discharge.

A giant among wrappers: Tancos 2020A weighs in at over 4.5t, but it can handle the biggest square or round silage bales.

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