Milk Group backdates price hike

By FWi staff

THE Milk Group has announced a price increase of 0.5ppl, backdated to 01 January, taking its standard litre price to 18.85ppl.

“The price rise largely results from the successful outcome of a variety of market-related trading activities in recent weeks,” says chief executive Robert Audas.

“Through these activities we have been able to respond to short-term and seasonal market requirements and earn more from the marketplace.”

The company has also announced new seasonality payments for standard milk supply contracts to help reduce production peaks and troughs.

It cuts price penalties for April and May by 1p and 0.5ppl respectively, so these will now stand at -2ppl and -3ppl.

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Bruton Knowles

Smaller bonuses will be paid in July and August (+2ppl), and will be introduced for September and October (+1.5ppl and +1ppl). Deductions of 0.5ppl will be introduced for January, February and March.

Producers can choose between the new schedule and the existing one.

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