Milk Marque monthly bonus sends the right message&#146

By FWi Staff

THE new monthly “trading bonus” announced by Milk Marque could be a major step towards putting the farmer owned co-op back at the forefront of milk marketing, it was claimed today (Tuesday).

Milk Marque announced yesterday that its members would receive no extra set payment for their milk. Instead it will be offering a “trading bonus” to all members paid with the monthly milk cheques. The payment will be made on a constituent value of the milk, but is not expected to be as much as 0.5ppl.

“This announcement sends out an up-beat message to all members,” said the Deputy Chairman of the NFU Milk and Dairy Produce Committee, Terrig Morgan.

“It is the intention of Milk Marque to keep the standard payments the same and add a bonus on, monthly. By doing this other dairy companies will no longer be able to base their prices on the Milk Marque price, thus protecting their position in the selling group.”

“This new payment method wont be so secure for individual farmers although I will be very happy using this new `trading bonus,” said Mr Morgan. “What the majority of members think I dont know, but the new bonus will reflect whats happening in the market place.”

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