Milk price plunge threatens farmers survival

17 April 1998

Milk price plunge threatens farmers’ survival

LOW milk prices could force many of Scotlands dairy farmers to quit production this year.

Auction sale reports endorse anecdotal evidence of what had seemed to be pessimistic predictions by industry spokesmen.

The latest sale comes from Sandy Innes, from Milton of Moyness, near Nairn, who sold his 100 Holsteins at Carlisle on Wednesday. He said he stood to see his income fall by almost £40,000 this year. He said he had only two choices – double the herd or get out.

“There is no way with he size of herd we had that we could go on producing milk at only 18ppl or less,” he said.

Farmers are bitter at the way supermarkets are increasingly dominating the market and “making huge profits”.

Innes called for a utility-style inquiry into supermarket margins and profits.

  • The Scotsman 17/04/98 page 28

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