Milk Quota supply remains plentiful

31 August 2000

The supply of leased quota remains plentiful this week. But more interest last week has increased prices slightly, according to figures from ADAS Quota Direct.

Bruton Knowles reports that many lessees are withdrawing from the market in anticipation of a price drop. “But there are still many lessors who think that the price will increase, which has resulted in much of the quota being on the register at higher than market value.”

On the purchase market, prices continue to stay firm with the supply of clean quota remaining limited. Vendors continue to be reluctant to release quota at the current market price, reports ADAS Quota Direct.

Leased 4% butterfat quota is trading at 3.5ppl, with 3.85% butterfat supplies trading at 3.3ppl.

Clean quota sales are trading at 19.3ppl for 4% butterfat with for 3.90% butterfat supplies trading at 18.25ppl.

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