Millionaire loses muddy road case against neighbour

15 July 1998

Millionaire loses ‘muddy road’ case against neighbour

A MILLIONAIRE who took a neighbouring farmer to court because his
sheep make the road “too muddy” has lost his case.

Frank Sytner, a car dealer and former racing driver, and his wife, Elizabeth, bought a six-acre paddock in the village of Ridlington, Rutland, to graze his horses.

The farmer Edward Baines retained a strip of land, including part of a track belonging to Sytner, for his sheep during the lambing season.

Sytner claimed his right of way had been obstructed by Bainess livestock and the quantity of mud it generated.

The judge at Leicester Country Court told Rytner that in choosing to live in such a picturesque spot, he should have expected the occasional muddy road.

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  • The Daily Telegraph 15/07/98 page 3

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