Mini-marques name more board members

15 November 1999

Mini-marques name more board members

APPROVAL for the plan to break up Milk Marque into three regional co-ops has triggered a flurry of appointments at the group.

Central Milk, which will cover East Anglia, the Midlands and Wales, has appointed Paul Beswick, currently managing director of Milk Marque, to do the same job at Central.

Milk Marques chairman Poul Christensen will be chairman of Central.

The northern region co-op has named itself Zenith Milk, and will cover the north of England. It has appointed Chris Bird, currently sales and marketing director of Milk Marque, to be its managing director, while Ian Watson, will chair the group.

The chairman for the south of England, from Cornwall to Kent, has provisionally called itself Meadow Fresh Milk, and has appointed Neil MacFarlane as operations director.

Mr MacFarlane is currently managing director of Milk Marque Developments (MMD), the subsidiary originally formed to build a production business for Milk Marque.

Meadow Fresh has yet to find a chief executive or name a chairman.

There are still a number of issues to be resolved.

These include the future ownership of MMD and the services business which includes product development, distribution, quality testing, and a milk quota agency.

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