Minimum mess & damage made unblocking small drain lines

16 April 1999

Better weld with untrammeled view

GOOD welding is dependent on the operator maintaining a good view of the work in hand, maintains Hornell Speedglas. To help with this aim, the company has introduced the Speedglas 9000 XF automatically darkening welding filter, which is claimed to offer 45% greater viewing area than standard fixed shade filters.

Hornell believes that when used with the companys lightweight Speedglas welding helmet, which includes a carbon dioxide removal system and a side windows option, the combination provides operators with one of the most reliable and comfortable welding helmets on the market.

Advantages of the system, says Hornell, include an ability to see the work before starting the weld – the filter darkens as soon as the ark is struck, the user has both hands free, and use of permanent UV protection for arc eye protection.

Price of helmet plus carbon dioxide removal system is about £500, depending on model. Tel: 01823-680166.

Chainsaws with all the

latest tricks

HUSQVARNAS range of chainsaws has now been increased by the introduction of five new models.

While retaining traditional features expected of a chainsaw, the maker is at pains to point out that the versions have all the latest technical innovations. These, claims Husqvarna, make them robust, lightweight and efficient.

Two models – the 346XP and 351 – are designed for professional use while the 340, 345 and 350 saws are more for the all-round user.

Features throughout the range include a high power to weight ratio, ease of use and servicing, they are based on a concept which offers interchangeable parts and the use of common components.

In terms of design, a new feature is a choke/stop control positioned near the rear handle, an arrangement which means only one control need to be used before starting the saw with the choke automatically deactivated when the throttle is opened.

Price of the 350 version, complete with 15in blade is listed at £330 (01453-822382).

Minimum mess & damage made unblocking small drain lines

A CLEANER unit designed to unblock small secondary drain lines from 1.8cm to 6.25cm (0.75in to 2.5in) diameter has been developed by Ridge Tool. Designated the Kollmann K-40, the manufacturer claims that use of a guide hose and an autofeed combination results in only a minimum of mess.

In operation, the autofeed mechanism feeds the cable into the drain and through the obstruction at the press of a lever – while operator control is maintained. The guide hose is designed to prevent possible damage to sinks or tiles from rotating cable.

Power is supplied by a 200W motor – sufficient power says Ridge Tool to clear the toughest blockages. Supplied with 10.6m (35ft) of 0.78cm inner-core cable, the K-40 weighs in at 16kg (35lbs). Tel: 01462-485335.

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