Minimum tonnages

24 July 1998

Minimum tonnages

MINIMUM delivery tonnages for oilseed rape crops on set-aside have been set for the first time, with penalties for growers who deliver less, says MAFF.

Growers expecting to fall short of their forecast yields this harvest should notify their Regional Service Centre immediately with reasons and a revised yield. MAFF also reminds growers that they must deliver the entire crop to the collector/first processor. &#42

Minimum requirement (t/ha)

Regional centre Winter Spring

Bristol 2.14 1.39

Cambridge 2.22 1.35

Carlisle 2.28 1.50

Crewe 1.98 1.41

Exeter 1.72 1.32

Northallerton 2.35 1.58

Nottingham 2.18 1.25

Reading 2.06 1.25

Worcester 1.98 1.30

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