Minister launches new welfare codes

2 August 2000

Minister launches new welfare codes

by FWi staff

JUNIOR agriculture minister Elliot Morley launched two new animal welfare codes during a visit to the Sheep 2000 event in Malvern, Worcestershire.

A new Sheep Welfare Code updates the existing 1990 edition offering advice on best practice, preventing disease and the provision of food, water and bedding.

Copies of the code, which will come into effect from August 14, will apply to sheep farmers in England. A copy will be sent by post to all producers.

Mr Morley said the code gave up-to-date advice for farmers on all areas of sheep welfare based on best practice and the experience of sheep farmers.

I must stress that this is not a new series of controls, he said.

Devolution means that the new Sheep Code will apply in England only. Similar codes are being produced in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

A new Welfare of Farmed Animals code, which will replace the Welfare of Livestock Regulations is also due to into force on 14 August.

That code implements a European Union directive on farmed animal welfare standards which was agreed during the UKs Presidency of the EU in 1998

Mr Morley said the new rules would guarantee for the first time that minimum standards for farmed animals must be met by all EU countries.

“The new measures simply put into legislation the good practice that the vast majority of UK farmers already follow, he said.

“In many areas of animal welfare the United Kingdom leads the way, and we wish to ensure that these standards are also applied throughout the EU.

The rules contain requirements on inspections, record keeping, freedom of movement, buildings and equipment and the feeding and watering of animals.

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