MLC defends uninteresting campaign

4 August 2000

MLC defends uninteresting campaign

THE Meat and Livestock Commission has defended its controversial pigmeat advertising campaign after a consumer poll showed 43% of shoppers dismissed it as uninteresting or irrelevant.

The campaign, which began on May 11, provoked an angry reaction from Danish and Dutch pig industry leaders when in-store adverts highlighted the fact that imported meat does not have to meet stricter UK welfare standards.

It also prompted fears that people would be put off buying pigmeat because the adverts made the connection between live animals and the finished product they eat.

Other findings from the NOP poll showed that only 8% of consumers thought the adverts were informative, 7% said the campaign would encourage them to buy British and 2% would seek out the British Meat Quality Standard label.

But MLC pigmeat marketing manager Chris Lukehurst insisted: "The poll shows that the adverts are already fixed in consumers minds with 24% of people able to recall the campaign and its message. That means for the first time, and within a very short time indeed, we have put welfare firmly on the shoppers agenda."

He added that the campaign had prompted a very high level of awareness particularly among women with 26% of female shoppers showing a strong reaction to the adverts. &#42

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