MLC lifts sheep farmers spirits

07 May 1999

MLC lifts sheep farmers’ spirits

THE Meat and Livestock Commission (MLC) has raised spirits in the sheep sector with a prediction of greater stability in prices later this year.

Its Sheep Market Outlook warns that UK sheepmeat output will rise again this year and predicts that the bulk of the increase will take place in the third quarter.

A steeper drop in imports and a stronger recovery is exports is anticipated although at a slower rate than predicted by economists three months ago.

The net effect is an increase of only 6000 tonnes in the amount of sheepmeat the UK market will need to absorb this year. Earlier forecasts predicted 20,000 tonnes.

The MLC believes the third-quarter market should be able to accommodate larger numbers of animals coming off farms without the disruption seen in the last two seasons.

  • The Herald 07/05/99 page 29

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