Mobile sheep showers are safe and speedy

7 January 2000

Mobile sheep showers are safe and speedy

MOBILE sheep dips or showers are an increasingly popular means of treating flocks.

The latest offering from Anderton, based at Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria, is the Monsoon mobile sheep shower, which is claimed to be capable of handling up to 225 sheep/hr using overhead and underneath showerheads.

Powered by a 4hp petrol-driven pump with 600lt/min output, the showerheads receive water from a 500-litre clean water tank. Dirty water is drained into a 250 litre sump tank which is then recycled into a 500 litre water tank positioned on the side of the unit.

Galvanised in construction, the washer is said to take 10 minutes to set-up and features a high-speed safe towing design for use with commercial vehicles.

An important safety aspect of the unit is considered to be its self-contained design – a feature intended to keep the operator completely clear of dip solution and the showerheads. Price is from £6000.

Andertons latest Monsoon mobile sheep shower unit is designed to handle up to 225 sheep an hour. It takes just 10 minutes to set up.

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