Model checks wheat progress

29 May 1998

Model checks wheat progress

Everybody knows that growing cereals for specific markets

can boost margins. But by how much? And by how much

on your farm? To help find some answers farmers weekly

has joined forces with breeder PBI Cambridge and farm

business consultants Andersons to give growers the

chance to run "what if?" calculations at Cereals 98

EACH year the UK wheat market is over-supplied with home-grown grain. So producing a crop which has a good chance of being used for a specific purpose raises the likelihood of making a reasonable profit on the crop.

To help you see just how useful such a move might be on your farm, farmers weekly has joined with wheat breeder PBI Cambridge and farm business consultants Andersons to give Cereals 98 visitors the chance to use a special computer model to assess the likely benefits.

Designed by Andersons, the model uses independent data collected by the firm and from UK recommended list trials. "This means we can reassure growers that the results will be independent and valid," stresses Elizabeth Ingle, marketing services manager at PBI Cambridge.

The model allows growers to compare their current winter wheat cropping with alternative scenarios, using different varieties.

At Cereals 98 growers will have the chance to try their own figures in the PBIC/ Ander-sons/farmers weekly Wheat Model.

Simply complete the form below and take it along to the PBIC stand on the day. Alternatively, you can collect a form from either the farmers weekly, Andersons or PBI Cambridge stand and complete it at the event.

Results can be produced on the day or supplied later by post. Either way you could find some interesting answers to that nagging question – just what difference would a switch to another variety really make?

Which way now? Choosing a wheat variety with improved marketing opportunities could boost crop profits. FW/PBIC/Andersons Wheat Model helps you check whether that is really the case on your farm.

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