Mohair price boost for Angora goats

By FW Staff

DEMAND for Angora goats will hopefully be boosted by a further rise in the price of mohair – the second year that prices have increased.

Angora breeders saw the value of the 1999 clip – 15 tonnes in total – rise by up to 2/kg for the best two grades.

The British Angora Goat Society reckons at least another 8t of mohair was used or sold to hand spinners.

Top-quality kid mohair has returned 8.42/kg, with mohair from young goats at 5.75.

Even mohair from adult goats was making almost 2/kg – nearly a 100% increase on the year.

Leading Angora breeder Denys Stubbs of Lichfield, Staffordshire says these latest mohair prices mean that Angora kids and young goats are each capable of producing around 30 a year worth of fibre.

Kid fibre yield averages 3.5kg and increases to 5kg a year as goats mature.

“This is the second year that selling prices of British mohair have shown an upward trend which, in these days of low farming returns, is very encouraging,” says Mr Stubbs.

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