Moisture meter offers grain gains

19 July 2002

Moisture meter offers grain gains

WITH harvest just around the corner, now is perhaps the time to look around for a new grain moisture meter.

Polish manufacturer Dram-inskis latest offering measures the moisture and density of up to seven types of grain.

Claimed to be highly accurate, the meter can measure the moisture of grain in 1 to 1000g batches with density shown in kg/sq m.

The meter weighs 1900g and is powered by a rechargeable CdNi battery claimed to provide 15hrs of operating life.

Grain moisture levels of up to 25% are shown on an LCD display and allowances can be made for grain sizes and variety, says the manufacturer.

Further features include a built-in electronic balance and dosage tube designed to achieve highly precise readings.

For measuring moisture, Draminski also supplies a device designed to test 15 of the most common varieties of grain. The unit is powered by a 9v battery. &#42

Draminskis moisture and grain density meter is suitable for testing up to seven types of grain.

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