Money for new native woodlands

8 October 2001

Money for new native woodlands

By Adrienne Francis

NATIONAL Parks are urging farmers and landowners to take advantage of funding to restore native woodland on their land.

Funding for the Forestry Commissions New Native Woodland Challenge Fund has been extended for a further two years.

Dartmoor National Park woodlands officer Rupert Lane said grants could allow new woodland to be created with no cost to landowners.

“As challenge funding is competitive and only has two years to run it is important to grasp this opportunity,” he said.

Bids will be considered on their value for money, quality, public benefit, degree of partnership involvement and public support.

Geoff Garrett, woodlands officer, Yorkshire Dales National Park said: “All we need are willing farmers and landowners to come forward .”

National Park Authority woodland officers are available to assist landowners draft applications in time for the 31 October deadline.

This scheme by the National Park Authority aims to increase the area of managed woodland from 3.6% of land area to 5% by the year 2020.

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