Montgomery in the prime…

5 December 1997

Montgomery in the prime…

AT the National Prime Stock Show held on the Staffordshire county showground, the top federation in the YFC stockjudging and carcass competition was Montgomery (pictured below) with 678 points. Gwent was second with 662 and Gloucester-shire third just eight points behind.

Other results

Live beef: Individual – senior equal 1 Bridget Blandford, Herefords and Rachel Wall, Somerset; Intermedi-ate Verity Vater, Gwent.

Teams 1 Devon (Denby Smith, Geoffrey Ley); 2 Somerset (Rachel Wall, Matthew Barnet); 3 Herefords (Bridget Blandford, Shirley Hitchon)

Live lambs: Individual – senior equal 1 Nigel Lloyd, Shropshire, Elizabeth Moorhouse, Yorkshire. Intermediate Hugh Turner.

Teams 1 Shropshire (Nigel Lloyd, Robert Whiteman); 2 Brecknock (Ioan Jones, Stephen Jones); 3 Montgomery (Allun Breese, Huw Turner.

Lamb carcass: Individual – senior David Marsh, Gloucestershire. Intermediate Kay Williams, Gwent.

Teams 1 Gwent (Russell Morgan, Kay Williams); 2 Shropshire (Thomas Whiteman, Russel Gore-land, Shropshire); 3 Gloucestershire (David Marsh, Laura Cheacker).

Pork Carcass: Individual – senior John Hartland, Gloucestershire; intermediate Ashley Persey, Devon.

Teams 1 Gwent (Mark Williams, Gareth Jones); equal 2 Gloucestershire (John Hartland, Richard Baldwyn) and Devon (Diane Ward, Ashley Persey).

Carcass judge of the year: 1 Richard Morgan, Shropshire B; 2 Jeremy Shute, Cornwall A; 3 Sarah Williams, Glamorgan.

Pig reasons: equal Penny Wilson, Durham and John Simpson, Yorkshire B; Beef reasons and classification: John Corfield, Shropshire A; Lamb reasons and classification: Emma Hetherington, Cumbria A.

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