More breeders win list appeals

1 March 2002

More breeders win list appeals

TWO more breeders have won appeals for their varieties to be included on the HGCA-backed Recommended Lists for winter barley and winter oilseed rape.

Courage winter oilseed rape is now provisionally approved for general use and Vanessa winter barley has returned from becoming outclassed to a provisional approval for special use. The changes follow successful appeals by Advanta Seeds and Banks Cargill. NIAB says the appeals do not mark a shift of standards.

"Courage seems to offer some of the characters so prized in the immensely popular, but now outclassed variety, Apex," says oilseed expert Simon Kightley.

In the north it is just one gross output point behind top hybrid variety Complex. But limited data shows its performance is well down in the central region.

Vanessa winter barley had been moved to outclassed, due to its lack of appeal to the UK malt market. It now has provisional srecommendation for special use, reflecting a developing export demand, says NIAB cereals expert Richard Fenwick.

&#8226 Variety recommendation decisions now transfer to the HGCA-appointed Crop Evaluations Limited. &#42

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