More retailer codes on way

4 July 1997

More retailer codes on way

EVEN the existence of one strong quality assurance scheme will not stop retailers setting up their own codes of practice.

Neil Pickard, ADAS beef and sheep strategy manager, who has been involved in drawing up schemes for several multiples, warned that supermarkets feel they are in front of the industry.

"If supermarkets felt confident about the current national schemes they wouldnt have introduced their own. Most base their standards on the national schemes such as FABBL, but the national codes need to catch up with retailers,"said Mr Pickard.

They could improve by raising the base standard, becoming more rigorous, and being seen to be independent, with greater integrity."

He acknowledged that supermarkets would always want to differentiate their products as a competitive advantage, which would make it difficult to apply one national standard. "But if the national schemes improved, they would at least sit more comfortably with multiple retailers."

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