More than one way to beat entropion

12 March 1999

More than one way to beat entropion

SEVERAL producers are having difficulties sourcing eyeclips for entropic eye disorder which is more common in flocks this year, according to UK Vet.

That is because one distributor, Cox Surgical, has stopped stocking them. But Michel suture eyeclips are still available.

The disorder, which causes the eyelid to turn in, causing weeping and infection on the eyes surface can be treated by applying eyeclips. Consultant Tony Andrews says there are other options for control which he prefers.

The main alternative is to roll out the eyelid and prevent it from turning in for a minute or so. "While you have the eyelid turned out, apply some long-acting eye ointment to prevent infection and lubricate the eyeball," he says. "In a bad case injecting a long-acting antibiotic under the eyelid can cure it, but this needs to be done by a vet."

Mr Andrews says it is worth checking lambs eyes for entropion when treating navels, as it is easier to treat when caught early. Also, as entropion is inherited, work out whether one ram is responsible so he is not used again, and mark lambs which have symptoms. "At least you can avoid selecting these lambs for breeding." &#42

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