Moving cab makes room for extra gear

5 July 2002

Moving cab makes room for extra gear

THE latest Mercedes-Benz spray vehicle from South Cave Tractors is the NGU version.

Based on the new U300 and U400 series Unimogs, the cab can moved to a forward control position to provide a platform to carry a sprayer or other demountable equipment.

Both versions are powered by Mercedes engines with turbocharging and intercooling – and the U400 version produces 230hp.

The machines have a 8Fx6R torque converter transmission with a 64kph top speed and permanent four-wheel drive.

Coil springs provide the front and rear suspension, and there is a dual circuit braking system front and rear with ABS brakes. The payload for the U300 version is 6t to give a 12t maximum operating weight.

Prices start at about £58,000, and parting with an extra £3574 pays for an in-cab tyre pressure adjustment system. &#42

The NGU spray vehicle is based on the latest U300 and U400 series Mercedes-Benz Unimogs.

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