Mugabe links gangster gays to land grab

8 November 1999

Mugabe links ‘ gangster gays ’ to land grab

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has launched an attack on Tony Blair over plans by Zimbabwes government to seize land owned by white farmers.

Branding Mr Blair a “little man”, Mr Mugabe said the gay activists who mobbed him in London recently were “gangsters” and part of a British government plan of harassment.

Mr Mugabe said about 4,500 white farmers were on land “stolen” from Africans when Zimbabwe was colonised and that Britain had reneged on a deal to land redistribution.

The mobbing of Mr Mugabes limousine during a private visit to London on October 30 was organised by the gay rights group OutRage.

Its members tried to make a citizens arrest of the Zimbabwean president on charges of human rights abuses, including the torture of journalists and the oppression of gays.

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