Multi-function elevator

18 April 1997

Multi-function elevator

BIG bag or box filler, weigher and counter – the Burdens potato elevator has a multitude of functions.

In its basic format, the potato loader comprises a 4m (13ft) long x 0.5m (1.5ft) wide swan-neck elevator and zigzag fall breaker chute. These two work in conjunction with a weigh cell platform and potato counter to monitor crop flow.

First step is to enter the required weight into the control box. The zig-zag then drops into the base of the bag or box, and the conveyor runs until the pre-set weight is reached. An infra-red counter checks potato number as tubers leave the belt.

Price of the filler unit is £21,220, with a big bag holder/gas strut suspension adding a further £750. &#42

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