Multiple drop gains

22 March 2002

Multiple drop gains

APPLYING for approval for multiple pick-up or to drop-off cattle for market is easier than many cattle producers believe and gaining it could save on transport costs.

MLCs Andrew Garvey says a change to allow multiple cattle drop-offs, such as stores bought at market, is imminent. But the licence required will be the same as the one needed for multiple pick-ups, which is relatively simple to acquire.

Mr Garvey believes many producers have not applied for approval because they dont have dedicated loading facilities. However, there are two options for the licence and most farms can meet at least one of them.

"The first is to have a loading pen at the perimeter of the farm with a hard standing area to collect animals. This must be concrete or tarmac which can be cleaned and disinfected.

"The alternative is a hard standing, such as a farm driveway, providing it is not a public road, where the farms animals can be brought on a trailer and tailgated directly onto the other vehicle."

Producers who would like to take advantage of multiple pick-ups and drop offs need DEFRA approval, for which they should contact their local animal health office, he adds. &#42

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