MWC to join WMF

2 May 1997

MWC to join WMF

CALF marketing group, Mid West Calves, is set to join Wilts-based West Midland Farmers, after a year of trading losses.

MWC, which in the past sent 60% of its throughput abroad, has been hit by the export ban. The fixed-price calf processing scheme has also hit margins, with dairy bull calves representing 40% of its business.

The BSE crisis caused a stock value loss of over £30,000 and a trading loss of £15,000 in the year to May 31 is now expected.

Under the proposal, MWC aims to become part of WMF from June. But services to farmers will remain unchanged.

Other calf businesses have also been feeling the pressure.

The biggest problem is the depressed beef trade, says Peter Hambleton, managing director of Warwickshire Quality Calves. "But handling about 40,000 calves this year, at least our throughput will be over-budget," he says. &#42

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