N Yorks council to sell 60m agricultural estate

19 February 1998

N Yorks council to sell £60m agricultural estate

NORTH YORKSHIRE County Council is to sell its entire agricultural estates
which comprise 4,451.7ha (11,000 acres).

The land has been valued at more than £60 million based on vacant possession, development potential, mineral rights and the milk quota owned by the council.

The decision came as Elliot Morley, countryside minister, told the Tenant
Farmers Associations (TFA) AGM in London yesterday that the Government would end the inducement introduced by the last Government for councils to sell farms. The changes will take place from April.

There are about 5,700 county council farms in England and Wales, covering
137,598ha (340,000 acres). Many councils have considered selling their farm estates in a bid to raise money in the face of budget cuts.

Farming organisations fear the move will be repeated across the country with
some of the land used for new homes, sand or gravel pits.

The TFA has vowed to take legal advice to see if it can overrule North Yorkshire County Councils decision in court.

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