Name for input tax scheme

5 April 2002

Name for input tax scheme

AN initiative launched more than a year ago in a bid to stave off the threat of a pesticides tax has finally achieve its first goal: It has a name.

The Crop Protection Association said the Voluntary Initiative would encompass 27 proposals to minimise the effect of pesticides on the environment.

A special steering body of industry leaders and Govern- ment ministers helped with the task of deciding on a name for the initiative, it added.

Announcing the new name on Tuesday (Apr 3) steering group chairman Barry Dent said he wanted a name that would be recognised by everyone instantly.

"It is much quicker to say than the voluntary package of stewardship measures accepted by the government as an alternative to a pesticide tax," he said.

The proposals include a survey of pesticide practice, the results of which were originally due to be announced last month. &#42

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