Need Avadex help?

27 August 1999

Need Avadex help?

UNSURE where to find a suitable applicator for Avadex (tri-allate) granules? A new national advisory service could help.

The Avadex Application Advisory Service from manufacturer Monsanto provides up-to-date information on the suitability and use of different machines for applying the residual herbicide granules.

It also includes a directory of over 200 contractors with suitable applicators for loan or hire and details of the 35 Omex suspension fertiliser contractors also able to apply the product.

"Avadex granules are widely recognised as an important cornerstone in modern strategies for tackling a wide range of difficult-to-control grass weeds," says service co-ordinator Chris Gamble of Monsanto. "But their lightness and small size means they cannot be applied accurately with ordinary fertiliser spinners or slug pellet applicators. Instead, they require machines specifically designed or adapted to apply micro-granules."

After testing by technical specialists, more than 30 different machines are recommended. Those include granular applicators like the Horstine Farmery TMA, fertiliser spreaders fitted with micro-granule kits such as the Kuhn Aero and Omex suspension fertiliser applicators.

The list also includes older makes and models still likely to be in use and newcomers like Horstines novel drill-mounted applicator.

Call 01223-849540 (9am-5pm). &#42


Throughout the autumn farmers weekly will provide advice to help you combat the greater than usual threat from grassweeds after last years difficult conditions for control. Supported by Cyanamid, Du Pont and Monsanto the key focus of the Grass Weed Action 2000 initiative will be a special supplement in the Sept 10 issue of farmers weekly. Dont miss it!

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