Nemathorin claims completely untrue

5 April 2002

Nemathorin claims completely untrue

SUGGESTIONS that potato nematicide Nemathorin (fosthiazate) could lose its approval mid-season have been condemned as completely untrue by supplier Syngenta.

"We are having a very good season with sales 20-30% up on 2001 already and no indication that there is any approval problem," says product manager Ben Miles of Syngenta, which holds the approval with ISK Biosciences.

An anonymous letter received by farmers weekly, purportedly written by a farmer, suggested he had swapped product for fear of a change to Nemathorins approval mid-season.

But there is nothing to suggest that is likely, insists Mr Miles. Four questions concerning the products dossier were lodged by the EC as part of the new pan-European Annexe 1 process, he explains.

"If there were any nervousness about the safety of the product PSD would have withdrawn its approval already. But it has not.

"My understanding is that we have met with PSD and have submitted information which, subject to their approval, will answer the four questions raised."

A PSD spokesperson confirmed to farmers weekly on Tuesday that there was no suggestion of any approval problems.

"There is a feeling that competitors are losing market share and maybe that explains some of the comments being heard in the trade," concludes Mr Miles. &#42

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