Net wrap is roll model for high quality bales

14 June 2002

Net wrap is roll model for high quality bales

GUARANTEED roll lengths and the ability to wrap bales right to the edge – or beyond – has become the mark of a quality net for securing round bales. Colouring to ensure rollers are put in the right way around and to warn when a roll is nearing the end are added features to help operators.

United Agricultural Twines (UAT) used Grassland 2002 to step up its product range with Winner net wrap from Italian manufacturer Novatex, and CoverEdge, a joint development from Tama and John Deere.

A new manufacturing process is credited for the extra 100m of net contained in each roll of Winner, which also guarantees a declared net strength and edge-to-edge covering of bales.

It also features green, red and white stripes – the Italian national colours – to indicate which way round to insert the roll, and how to unroll the net when it comes to using the bale.

CoverEdge net can be used on latest-spec John Deere round balers and, as its name suggests, goes beyond the edge to cover the bales shoulders and extend down the side of the bale by between 75mm and 100mm (3in and 4in).

Farmers Formula e2e twine is made by Steve Orr in Dromore, Northern Ireland. Said to be made from premium raw materials to get the required expansion and durability characteristics from the finished net, e2e comes in 3000m rolls and gives full width application on round bales.

Singleton Agriculture has turned to Finland for Green Cap net wrap. Manufacturer Piippo produces it in 2000m and 3000m lengths with an end of roll warning stripe and colouring to help correct installation in the baler. &#42

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