New approach for OSR

4 July 1997

New approach for OSR

OILSEED rape harvest management may need to be reviewed following recent rough weather.

Many crops, particularly in Scotland, are laid. Some are too flat to be swathed, leaving desiccation the only option.

Harvest (glufosinate-ammonium) is the best choice, advises Keith Dawson of CSC Cropcare. It translocates through the crop, ripening pods which sprays cannot reach, and control grass weeds.

In Hants, crops are generally shorter than usual, and growers are likely to desiccate, says independent consultant Seumas Foster. "The pod zone is quite compact. It should be easy to keep the reel out of the way and get the crop into the combine." Easy spray penetration coupled with minimal pod shatter means Reglone (diquat) is favoured.

In East Anglia, leaning crops could lead to lumpy swaths. More growers may desiccate as a result, says Crop Cares Colin Myram.n

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