New device for safe tractor wheel fitting

20 November 1998

New device for safe tractor wheel fitting

A DEVICE claimed to make removing and fitting tractor rear wheels a safe, one-man operation has been introduced by Vogel and Noot.

The Franquet WheelSafe comprises a carriage with rollers at each end running on swivel castor wheels.

In operation, once the tractor has been jacked up and the wheel studs removed, the rollers are lowered hydraulically – on a hand pump, with oil coming from an integral reservoir – and the frame is positioned under the wheel and braked. The support rollers are then raised to cradle the wheel.

To secure the wheel in the frame, a ratchet controlled webbing system is used to hold it firmly against two adjustable support arms.

A shut-off valve on the hydraulic pump allows each set of rollers to be angled individually, to give a degree of lateral adjustment to cope with working on uneven ground.

When fitting, this facility also enables the wheel to be rotated sufficiently to align the studs.

The WheelSafe, which will take tyres up to 24in wide, has a basic price of £1990.

Optional kits for tractor three-point linkage and front end loader mounting cost £230 and £130, respectively.

By Ian Marshall

Removing and fitting tractor tyres with the Franquet WheelSafe is claimed to be a safe, one-man operation.

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