New glucosinolate limit is quashed

27 June 2001

New glucosinolate limit is quashed

By Gilly Johnson

A tough new rapeseed glucosinolate limit, that could have been breached by many farm crops this harvest, has been averted at the last minute.

Crushers had been demanding an immediate reduction in the glucosinolate limit from 35 to 25 micromoles per gram, to take effect from 1 July.

But following protests by the NFU, they backed down — the union wishes to prevent penalties imposed on individual loads.

The demand from the Seed Crushers and Oil Processors Association is thought to be down to rape meal with lower glucosinolates having a greater nutritional value.

Currently rape is not routinely tested at intake for glucosinolates because crops are unlikely to breach the traditional standard of 35 micromoles/gm.

“But you can pick out almost any variety in common usage, and there will be a proportion of samples that go over 25 micromoles,” warns NIABs Simon Kightley.

Discussions are now under way with producers, the trade, the NFU and the United Kingdom Agricultural Supply Trade Association.

Although the new limit will not now be imposed for this harvest, it is not ruled out for the future.

Glucosinolate levels can be raised by a number of agronomic factors, including the presence of charlock, premature swathing, sulphur fertiliser and season.


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